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In 2016 we took a nearly 4-month sabbatical that has had a lasting impact.  We spent a month in Thailand, then 2 weeks in Cambodia, 2 weeks in Laos, and then another 2 months in Thailand.  There was so much we wanted to see, so much we wanted to do, and we were constantly on the go.  It wasn’t until over half way through our trip that we finally began to slow down.  We stayed in the same places longer.  We took longer walks.  We took naps.  We wasted more time.  We enjoyed each other.  We became the owners of our own time. 

It was somewhere on a deserted beach in Koh Lanta Noi that we began dreaming how great it would be to not have to get on the flight back home.  We wanted nothing more than to continue.  To see the next new place.  To experience the next new experience.  And to continue slowly.  That is probably where Puttering around the World really started.  In our hearts- in our longing to enjoy everything life has to offer. 

It wasn’t even 4 months after our return from our sabbatical that we were still looking for that feeling of being the owners of our own time.  There was more dreaming and more wishing.  Then, about 6 months later we decided to do it again, but for longer and slower, and more permanently, ideally for 2 or 3 years or longer.  So, we set a date.  We gave ourselves 14 months to prepare.  To tell our families.  To tell our employers.  To sell our stuff.  To prepare ourselves.  But how do you prepare for something where the unknown is significantly greater than the known? 

We are also going to do our travels a little different this time.  We are heading out with only hand luggage, and our golf clubs, instead of checked baggage!  That might make it a little more challenging, and maybe a little less flexible.  But we really want to play golf all over the world, so that is what we are going to do.  Can’t you just see us checking into hostels, with our clubs on our backs??!!

Sharing our story of Slow Travel, while hopefully making a few Quick Pars along the way. 

That’s Puttering around the World.

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Especially when you have incredible views like this!!

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Our days in Sydney are coming to an end.
We enjoyed our time here and often strolled through the CBD and also visited some suburbs.

One fun thing was our "hunt" for the best spot to capture both of Sydney's landmarks.
We liked this location because it wasn't crowded at all and had a wonderful view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Do you search for the perfect spot for your pictures?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

We started 2020 quietly, no parties, no fancy restaurants, but with an idea in our heads.
What if we would try to live meatless? What if we would try to minimize our dairy consumption?

We started watching "The Game Changer" and "What the Health". We asked some people here on Instagram for the reason why and how they became vegetarian or vegan. We were really surprised with how many private messages we received from people who live meatfree, some from who we would have never guessed. 
Please feel free to comment your favorite vegetarian or vegan websites, recipes or other inspirations to help us and others on this new journey. 
Thank you for supporting us in our idea to go meatless!

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

Playing golf Down Under has been a dream of ours for years and today that dream came true. We had the pleasure of playing golf with our friend @ross.flannigan.golf for our very first round EVER in Australia!

We enjoyed the spectacular views of Mornington Golf Club, the sunny hot weather, and especially our game with Ross.

And now we know all about Aussie slang! 😊

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

We love reading and one of the things we like to do on our travels, is to visit libraries.

In Melbourne we of course had to go to the State Library Victoria, an incredible building which was built in 1854. It is Australia's oldest public library and one of the first free public libraries in the world.

Do you visit libraries during your travels? (And "stealing" their internet doesn't count!! 🤣 )

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

The upsides of slow traveling are that we have time to stay longer in one place, meet new friends, explore more and even do some house sitting!
Last weekend we met this handsome little guy named @griffly_bear
and felt in love with him.
Spending time with Griff, playing, cuddling and enjoying his company was like being with family again.
The downside: we miss him already.

Are you Team Slow Travel or Team Fast Travel?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

What an incredible and historic Presidents Cup! Congratulations Team USA on an amazing comeback!! What was your favourite part of the Cup?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

Our first days in Melbourne! We settled into a cozy airbnb and figured out pretty fast that traffic here is a little different than in New Zealand 🤣

After a long drive to St. Kilda we met with our friends @_jumponmyshoulders_ , had a nice Thanksgiving picnic at the beach and even saw some penguins at the pier. 
The next evening we attended the Christmas lighting at Federal Square.

With sunshine and long days, this is for sure a different Christmas feeling.

Do you like a White Christmas or would you rather have sunshine and beach at Christmas?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

We left our 3 month golf & travel experience in New Zealand and arrived in magnificent Melbourne for new adventures.
While we were searching for the perfect campervan for us and our golf clubs, we received a package from Stymie!

He had sent us our custom made headcovers along with a Valuables Bag with the travel themed pattern that we had searched out. 
As we opened the package it felt like Christmas morning and we're so amazed by the great work of Stymie and the beautiful headcovers!
If you want customized headcovers, we can highly recommend @stymiegolfsupply!

Check it out and follow this great company! **Werbung** #stymiestyle #stymiegolfsupply 
#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

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  1. Liebe Menekse,
    Lieber James,

    eure Blog durchzustöbern macht wirklich unglaublich viel Spaß. Es ist so toll die Geschichte, die hinter eurem (neuen) Leben, in dem ihr in der großen weiten Welt zu Hause seid, zu erfahren.

    Über euren Instagram Account und auch hier macht es super viel Spaß euren Alltag zu verfolgen – so fange auch ich hin und wieder an davon zu träumen mehr Zeit außerhalb der „comfort zone“ zu verbringen, um mehr von den Welt sehen zu können und Zeit für sich selbst zu haben.

    Ich bin gespannt wohin euch euer Abenteuer als nächstes führen wird.

    Aber erstmal wünsche ich euch eine unvergessliche Zeit in Australien!

    Macht weiter so! 🙂

    1. Liebe Mareike,

      vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte!! Wir freuen uns so sehr zu hören, dass unser Alltag dich zum Träumen und Nachdenken anregt. Die “comfort zone” steckt in uns allen und es ist manchmal schwer, diese Zone zu verlassen. Aber es ist es definitiv wert!
      Danke, dass du uns “folgst” und für deinen Kommentar hier. Das bedeutet uns sehr viel.

      Fühl dich gedrückt.

      Liebste Grüße aus Sydney,
      Menekse und James

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