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One thing on our #bucketlist was to see the Probiscos monkeys while in Borneo. They only live in Borneo and you can imagine how excited we were to go the Bako National Park to find out if we get lucky and see one.

What do you think? Did we see one?

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Walking through Kuching, which is the capital of Sarawak, we saw so many cat statues and cat paintings. We knew that there was even a cat museum there. But what we didn't know is why there was all this hype about cats.

Well, here is the answer:

It was a misunderstanding! 
As the adventurer James Brook arrived in Borneo, he asked a local what the name of the city was. Brook pointed to the city, but there was also a cat sitting in  the direction that he pointed. The local thought that Brook was asking what cat means, and so he answered "Kucing". And this is how the city got its name.

True story or legend?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags

Kuching was the city which surprised us the most. One reason why was the delicious and inexpensive food.
Here you see us at breakfast. Kolo Mee was one of our favorites which we had every day. Kolo Mee are noodles cooked in a clear sauce. They are served dry with just enough broth to keep the noodles jucy. It is topped with pork slices and fried onions for the crunch.
Our mouths get watery just thinking of it! 🍜
The best ones we had at Mee Sin Cafe (5 Ringgit!) and at Tai Pan Corner (4,50 Ringgit!).
Do you have a favorite dish that you could eat every day?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags

I am so thankful that I can travel the world and play golf with my best friend!

What are you thankful for?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags

Menekse started playing golf a few years ago, but she didn't play very often. She has always hit some great shots, but like us all, she struggles sometimes with consistency. 
Since our golf journey began, I have seen tremendous progress in her game. Especially around the greens where her chipping and putting have improved the most.

This was most evident when we played at The Mines Resort. She won't admit it, but she had a great round of golf with her best ever 18 hole score! I couldn't be more proud and love watching her enjoy the game more and more with each round!

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags
  • FINDING FAIRWAYS "Golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle.” Anonymous

Remember that little fall that I had in Melaka? Unfortunately it happened the day prior to when we had the fantastic opportunity to play at one of the highest rated courses in Malaysia, The Mines Resort and Golf Club.

Due to my fall, I only played a few holes. And, so when you see me here in the middle of the fairway, know that it was truly the occasional miracle!

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags

Our last night in Melaka we wanted to see the sunset at this beautiful floating mosque. We found a nice place, the view was fantastic and soon we started taking pictures. James walked down to the ocean to get a "better" view. And then everything happened so fast. He slipped and felt pretty bad. We were really lucky that nothing severe happened.

It's easy to get distracted when you're trying to take THE shot, but please be careful, accidents can happen quickly.

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags
  • THIS IS US!! One of the greatest things about our journey is that we get to spend time together. 
Being together 24/7 might sound scary 😜  But for us, this has  been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us. 
We really enjoy being able to share with each other both the big and small things on the road.

What do you share with your partner while travelling?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags

Melaka also has some great street art to offer and as we saw this one, we had to stop and take a picture. We reminiscenced about our experience in Sumatra as we saw Orangutans. And it also made us excited about our upcoming trip to Borneo, where we planned to see Orangutans as well.

What was your most memorable experience with animals in the wild?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags

Yes, the arrival wasn't smooth, but once we finally arrived Melaka welcomed us with open arms. We loved this unique city immediately and enjoyed all the sightseeing that we did here.

Here we are in front of the old and traditional Kampung Kling Mosque, which was originally built in 1748.
The ablution pool is original and is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. 
Do you visit mosques, temples and churches when you travel?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags
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