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Puttering around the World on Instagram

We played 17 fantastic golf courses as we puttered around New Zealand and can say that our favourite course was Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club!! What is your favourite golf course that you have played on your holidays?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

Simply amazing!
Go early in the morning to avoid the masses 😁

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags
We found the Moeraki Boulders on Instagram actually before we arrived in New Zealand and they looked really cool so it was definitely on our list. But they were so much more awesome in real life! We were surprised by how big and almost perfectly round they were.

Do you visit places that you found on Instagram? And if so, are you positively surprised or disappointed?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

The tee shot on the 9th at Chisholm Links is one that you will never forget. With the Pacific Ocean guarding the entire left side, anything pulled is swimming.

You can see from both our reactions that one of us had been finding fairways all day, while the other one was relieved to hit a straight ball!

Do you celebrate when you finally hit a fairway?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
  • Everywhere we travel, we love to visit lighthouses. They are fascinating to us.

Who else is drawn by them? ❤

Ich geh mit dir wohin du willst
Auch bis ans Ende dieser Welt
Am Meer, am Strand wo Sonne scheint
Will ich mit dir alleine sein

Komm geh' mit mir den Leuchtturm rauf
Wir können die Welt von oben sehen
Ein U-Boot holt uns dann hier raus
Und du bist der Kapitän

Gehen wir an Bord und fahren mit
Ich tauch den Fischen hinterher
Mach alle Türen zu und los
Vertreiben wir uns die Zeit im Meer ❤

Und wer liebt auch dieses Lied? Erkannt?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
  • 365 DAYS

Today marks one year on the road, and we can't believe how fast time flies! We have been to so many incredible places, have played golf at so many beautiful golf courses, and have met so many friendly people that we don't know what we did to deserve all of this.

It isn't always easy being away so long. We've received sad news and wonderful news while we have been travelling, and both times we wish that we could have been home with family and friends. But this is how life is and we don't have a single regret of the decision we made.

Some of you have asked us how long we will continue travelling, and well, the honest answer is that we don't know. All we know is that we absolutely love travelling and playing golf and that we could continue this forever!

What should our next destinations be and why?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

Every day when we played a great golf course or saw something amazing, we always believed that it couldn't get better. But it does!

In Curio Bay we visited the Petrified Forest. Something so fascinating and something we have never seen before.
Go at low tide and you will be a witness to trees that have been frozen in time!! What natural phenomenon has fascinated you?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

We've been there, we've played that! We played golf from the most northern course to the most southern- Tokanui Golf Club.

The sixth hole is named the Road Hole, but other than the road that borders the hole, we didn't see much resemblance to its namesake. But, from the tee, there is nothing between you and the South Pole other than about 4480 kilometers of Pacific Ocean.

Where is your bucket list golf course?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

Our quest to find and play the world's most unique golf courses brought us to Oreti Sands Golf Club- unfortunately it brought us here 18 months too late. Due to a dwindling membership and lack of funding, the Club closed down back in April, 2018.

With greens, tees and bunkers no longer visible, we walked through what had to have been a truly wonderful true links experience.

We heard that the course would be for sale to the right buyer. Does anyone have a direct line to Mr. Mike Keiser- his passion would breathe life back into these incredible dunes!

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
Stymie Golf Supply has made it a full year and they’re giving away one of their new canvas driver covers and a patch hat to celebrate! The design of this cover was inspired by us 😊 @putteringaroundtheworld and our globetrotting golf journey...
Contest runs until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 10. The winner will be chosen at random and posted on @stymiegolfsupply 's Instagram story on Monday, November 11 at 12:00 noon EST.
How to enter:
1: Follow @stymiegolfsupply and @putteringaroundtheworld (if you’re not already)
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Please note: Stymie Golf Supply can only ship to the U.S. and Canada.
Thanks, good luck, and we really appreciate all of your support over this past year!
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