Golf & Travel around the World

Golf & Travel around the World

Whether you are looking for a golf weekend, a golf holiday, or the golf trip of your lifetime, our Golf & Travel guides will help you plan your next golfing adventure. Not only will we bring you to the first tee, but our detailed Golf & Travel guides will highlight the best local eats, and the best coffee shops, as well as show you all the must-see sights to make the most of your holiday both on and off the golf course.

Our passion is showcasing locations and golf courses that ignite a strong sense of wanderlust. We aim to excite and entice traveling golfers to break out of their comfort zones and get out there and explore all the amazing and tucked-away corners of the world. Along the way, we hope to spark an interest in the game in travelers. By highlighting golf courses that are open to the public, we will break down the stereotypes that surround the game and will show that golf is accessible to all.

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Not only will we inspire you with destinations you might not have thought of before, but we’ll tell you how to get there when to go, how to get around, where to stay, where to eat and drink, and what to do. And of course, we’ll fire you up on where to play!

Your partner doesn’t play golf? No worries, because our guides are the perfect blend of golf and travel, both on and off the fairways.

Golf around the World

Golf around the World

Want to know the best places to play golf around the world? Curious to learn more about our golf and travel lifestyle? Interested in reading the insights of a golfing couple traveling the world? Then head over to Golf Blog to read more about our journey as we play golf around the world!

Travel around the World

Craving to see places you’ve never been to before? Longing for encounters that you’ll never forget? Ready for the best recommendations and top highlights of, well, everywhere we’ve traveled? Then lean back, get ready for takeoff, and dream yourself away to some spectacular places on our Travel Blog!

Travel around the World

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  1. Theresa

    Hey Guys
    I was draw to your page from the on the pic of you both sitting amongst the lavender ?
    After having a little sticky around…. I LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING
    I’ve not really ever played golf but I just love that you’ve infused your passing into travelling & adventurous lifestyle!

    I have created this around the infusion of yoga.

    Good on you both, this is amazing ??

    1. Thank you so much Theresa! We absolutely love when people can do the things they love. It is so important in life. We are happy that we decided to leave the “rat race”.

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