Golf in Asia

Golf in Asia

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According to the R&A’s 2019 Golf Around the World publication, Asia has 6349 golf courses, with a total of 87,483 holes. While that may sound like a lot, it only represents 17% of the world’s golf facilities. And Japan alone makes up almost half of both the courses and the number of holes. 

Golf in Asia is quite exclusive, with 45% of the courses being private. In contrast, 76% of golf courses in North America are open to the public.

In our experience, golf in Asia is also very expensive. And green fees are just part of the expense. Many courses have mandatory caddies or mandatory buggies. Often even both!

Additionally, we do not have our own mode of transportation while traveling through Asia and have relied on Metros, Buses, Taxis, Ferries, and even Scooters to get to the golf courses. While it is an additional expense, just getting to the golf courses has often been some of our biggest adventures!

Traveling and playing Golf in Asia

So, just how many of those 6349 golf courses are on our bucket list?  53. Which are in 14 countries! That means that we need to get started!

With just our golf bags and backpacks on our backs, we traveled through 4 countries from the end of February until the last day of August 2019.

Our journey began with some golf in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a city that we have been to before and thought it was the perfect place to get our feet wet.

From there we flew to play golf in Taiwan, where we spent a glorious month traveling clockwise around this incredible island nation.

A quick return trip back to Hong Kong gave us the chance to attend the world-famous Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament.

Next up was the island of Sumatra, where we spent a month traveling and playing golf in Indonesia. One of our most unforgettable moments was coming face to face with wild Orangutans!

We spent May, June, and July traveling extensively throughout Malaysia! We played a lot of golf in Malaysia, enough to come up with our 5 Best Golf Courses of Malaysia!

The final stop of our 2019 visit to Asia was back in Indonesia, where we spent a month on the magical island of Bali. Here we played the World’s Best Par 3 Golf Course!

With so much Golf in Asia still to be played, we are bound to return many, many more times!

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