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G’day mate, and welcome to Golf in Australia!

I remember exactly when I first dreamt of playing Golf in Australia. It was a Saturday afternoon in June of 1984, and a blond-haired surfer kid from Australia was charging up the leader board of the US Open, which was being contested at Winged Foot. The Great White Shark they called him. He swung the club harder than anyone that I had seen before. And he was way cooler than any of the other players! You can golf in Australia, man, that would be awesome, I can remember thinking at the time.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot more about golf Down Under. Home of Mr. Peter Thomson, one of the greatest links players of all time, as well as a wealth of the world’s greatest golf courses, a handful of true links courses, not to mention the infamous Melbourne Sandbelt, Australia is a destination that golfers from all over the world dream about.

Almost 40 years after that weekend in June, Menekse and I arrived with a one-way flight to Melbourne.  Armed with a one-year visa and our golf bags on our backs, we were eager to explore and play golf in this extraordinary country!

So, when you’re ready, let’s go play golf in Australia!! After all, dreams do come true!

Golf Down Under!

Golf in Oceania
Let’s go play golf!!!

We happened to arrive in Melbourne at the same time as The Presidents Cup.  Coincidence?  Well, we will let you decide, but we did not let this chance pass us by and quickly bought a day ticket.

Not only was our day at Mornington Golf Club a day of firsts, but it absolutely epitomizes our love of golf!

With still so much more golf in Melbourne to play, we packed our golf clubs into our campervan Putu and bid our farewells with a promise to return later in the year.

Unfortunately however, our journey north coincided with the bushfires that consumed much of the country. So we decided to continue further to the incredibly beautiful state of Queensland.

Our plans to play golf with our mate Brendan were a year and a half in the making. We finally met him at Gympie Golf Course, his home course. And some things are definitely worth the wait!

Home to two of Australia’s biggest names in golf, Virginia Golf Club has earned its appropriately named nickname of The Course of Champions. And we were excited to find out for ourselves what made this golf course produce 2 major champions.

From Queensland, we slowly made our way down the coast of New South Wales making our way to Sydney. Located directly in the city, it seems unthinkable to call Bondi Golf and Diggers Club a hidden gem.  After all, how could a golf course that is located just a pitching wedge from one of the most famous beaches in the world be hidden? 

Next up was a golf course that we have been dreaming about for years, The New South Wales Golf Club.  We had high expectations for NSWGC, and every single one of them was easily exceeded!  This is golf that dreams are made of!

A Change of Plans

We must admit that Gerringong Golf Club wasn’t on our golfing radar. Our intention was to travel down the South Coast and head to Tasmania so we could play golf before the cool weather set in.

However, it was March of 2020 and COVID-19 had other plans for us as it did for the rest of the world! And so, during lockdown, Menekse and I were forced to take a flat in Jervis Bay. Days turned into weeks and weeks quickly turned into months. And after 73 days, we finally could play golf again!

It took us a long time before we could finally play Mollymook Golf Club. But golf was considered essential again, so we packed our golf clubs in our campervan Putu and made the short drive down to the Club.

With borders between Australia’s states still closed, we made a detour to The Hinterland of New South Wales, eager to find out what lies on the road ahead.

“The next town has a golf course, but you might not like it” the museum curator mentioned. “The grass is brown, and the greens are black” she continued. Black greens?  Needless to say, we drove to Trundle Golf Club that same day.

We have played many sand green golf courses before.  And we’ve even played horse racetrack golf courses. But a horse racetrack golf course with sand greens? Coonamble Golf Club was a first for us!

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  1. Loved your Gympie GC blog! Glad to have hosted you both and enjoyed your company, look forward to more adventures in the future! Very well written, thanks for visiting our little patch of home turf!

    1. Hello Brendan,
      We really loved our day at Gympie Golf Course- we can’t thank you enough! Let’s make sure it doesn’t take another year and a half to play our next round together!!
      All our best,
      Menekse and James

  2. What’s next on your list of courses to play in Australia?

    1. Hi Jon!
      That is a great question! If you would have asked us 6 months ago we would have said Tasmania. 3 months ago- the Melbourne Sandbelt!
      Now we are planning to head into the Outback. But, keep checking back here often because our plans seem to change daily!
      Yours in golf,
      Menekse and James

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