Golf in Oceania

Golf in Oceania

Hello, and welcome to Golf in Oceania!

An age-old tradition takes place when you cross the equator and move from one hemisphere to another. In former times it was required to appease the gods, most likely King Neptune, ruler of the oceans, with some sort of sacrifice. Nowadays, this tradition lives on in the Navy and is sometimes celebrated on cruise ships. Minus the sacrifice of course! Unfortunately, there was nobody wearing a golden crown or holding a trident on flight NZ246, but we were excited to cross the equator and begin our Golf in Oceania adventure in the Southern Hemisphere!

According to the R&A’s 2019 Golf Around the World publication, Oceania has 2109 golf courses. 96% of those golf courses are located in New Zealand and Australia, so that is where we will begin our golf travels!

Golf in New Zealand

This golfabond journey of ours took us to the land of the Kiwi excited to play Golf in New Zealand. We traveled for three months in the early spring (September to November) of 2019, logging just over 6000 kilometers in our campervan, and played our way from the most northern golf course all the way to the most southern, with many stops in between.

What we found while playing Golf in New Zealand was a land full of bucket-list-worthy golf courses, honesty boxes, wind, and warm and welcoming people.

While traveling around, we made it our goal to play all the True Links Golf Courses of New Zealand!  We are so happy to report- mission accomplished!

Golf in Australia

Playing Golf in Australia has been a dream of mine for most of my life. After almost 35 years of dreaming, Menekse and I arrived on a one-way flight to Melbourne.

Armed with a one-year visa and our golf bags on our backs, we bought a campervan and made our way out to explore this extraordinary country, while playing golf Down Under! Little did we know that due to covid, we would actually stay in Australia for more than two years!

Follow along with our Golf in Oceania adventures. After all, we are bound to sacrifice a Titleist or two to Neptune!

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