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Our Slow Travel in New Zealand has taken us to many of the beautiful little corners of this incredible land, where we met dear Kiwis, and where nature constantly amazed us. We fell in love with this country unconditionally.

Sandfly Bay
Sandfly Bay

Even though we knew that there are many sheep in New Zealand, we enjoyed driving through the endlessly green fields with the many little white dots on them.

Not only did I let my eyes wander over the eternal grasslands and lush meadows, snow-capped mountains, and dreamlike beaches, but I also looked up at the sky. And after a week I dared say to James: “Even the clouds are clean here!”

The environmental awareness of the Kiwis is exemplary, and the cleanliness here is outstanding. We liked it so much that we can say without exaggeration that New Zealand is probably the most livable country we have ever traveled to!

Us at Sandfly Bay
Us at Sandfly Bay

Made in New Zealand

Some things in New Zealand are a little slower, or not quite there yet. For example, Madonna is played non-stop on the radio. Even A-ha’s “Take on Me” is still a real hit here! But somehow that only makes New Zealand more likable.

Instagram isn’t widely used either, or the internet often drives you crazy because there is simply no signal in many places.

The shops close at 5 p.m. while there are hardly any restaurants open during the day. Cafes in the afternoon? Not a chance! Ok, the coffee situation was quite drastic for us, but we found that we could comply with it. And when our coffee addiction called for us in the afternoon, we just made our own.

A pie is a favorite snack here in New Zealand and they were intensively tested by us for taste. The result- they are very good!

And the Kiwis? They are very very talkative, adorable, and very active people. While we put on extra warm socks because it was still too cold for us, the Kiwis walked around barefoot. They live in an unbelievable place and are proud of their country. And they should be.

Gore Bay in New Zealand
Gore Bay

North and South Island

To give you a better idea of our travels, here is a small list of our unforgettable experiences in New Zealand on both the North Island and the South Island:

More will follow, so stay tuned and check back here often!

Our highlight

Beautiful Rarawa Beach
Beautiful Rarawa Beach

Many people ask us what our highlight in New Zealand was. And we still can’t answer that question. There was something beautiful we found in every corner. New Zealand is so diverse that we often wondered what the Kiwis think when they holiday abroad.

Tunnel Beach in New Zealand
Tunnel Beach

Do they appreciate what they have? Or is it normal for them to be able to go skiing during the day and go for a quick surf in the evening? It seems like there are almost as many golf courses here as there are sheep on the mountain slopes. And if golfing, surfing, swimming, or hiking is not enough, you can climb a mountain. Everything is reachable within a short drive.

For us, the most amazing thing was that we were able to discover everything in our campervan. New Zealand is so camper-life-friendly! Even though we saw a couple of young people that greeted us with their middle fingers and obviously were not fans of tourists in campers, this was quite the exception. The many free campsites helped us keep our budget in check while still offering fantastic places with phenomenal views, which we found priceless.

Slow Travel in New Zealand was one of our most memorable holidays and was peppered with non-ending highlights.

Slow Travel in New Zealand
Slow Travel in New Zealand

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