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2023 will be the year where we‘ll travel to North America! It’s long overdue and we are stoked to explore James’ home country of the US. After road-tripping in our van MacKenzie through some states, we’ll also hoping to head up to Canada. Where exactly? We don’t know yet, we’ll just go where the wind (or MacKenzie) takes us.

Follow along to see North America through our eyes!

MacKenzie showing us North America

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

Susan Sontag

Exploring Bandelier National Monument – We Conquered the Alcove House Ladder Climb!

Welcome to our journey to Bandelier National Monument. Join us as we explore ancient ruins, breathtaking landscapes, and scenic hikes. Then follow us to heart-pounding heights, and see if we can overcome our fear of heights and conquer the towering cliffs of the Alcove House!

Bandelier National Monument YouTube
North America
Bandelier National Monument

Read about our time at Zion National Park in Utah!

Pet friendly Zion
Pet-friendly Zion
We made it to the Double Arch
We made it to the Double Arch

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