Travel Oceania

Travel Oceania

Traveling throughout Oceania has been an absolute dream come true for us! Living in Germany, countries like Australia and New Zealand have always seemed so far away.

Having the opportunity to explore these amazing countries, learning more about the lives of the Aussies and the Kiwis, seeing wildlife that we never imagined, and seeing and traveling through incredible landscapes has been unforgettable!

We might not be able to help if you are forced to choose one country or the other. But perhaps our stories and tips from both countries will help to inspire you!

Have fun reading, and let us know- if you must choose one of them, where would you go?

New Zealand

Beautiful Rarawa Beach, New Zealand, Oceania
Beautiful Rarawa Beach, Oceania

We traveled throughout New Zealand for three months. We extensively covered both the North and South Islands and saw as much as possible while playing all the True Links Golf Courses.

Our Slow Travel in New Zealand took us to many of the beautiful little corners of this incredible land. We met so many fantastic Kiwis and were constantly amazed by nature. Without condition, we absolutely fell in love with this country!


Sweet Koala in Oceania
Sweet Koala in Oceania

It has been now a while since we first arrived in Australia. We have not been able to travel much of the time as the world came to a stop; making everyone wish that we all could erase 2020 out of our minds! Our original plan of traveling for 6-8 months in Australia has been extended to well over two years. During this time we had unforgettable experiences, and we would like to take you Down Under with us. Where everything is upside down, the smallest animal can kill you; and the people are as caring as we’ve ever experienced before.

Puttering around the World wishes to acknowledge and pay respect to the Australian Aboriginal Peoples as the traditional and original owners, and continuing custodians of this beautiful land.

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