Sleeping Masks

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How important is sleep for you on your travels?

Has it also ever happened to you that while traveling, you sometimes sleep very well, but also sometimes not? We figured that we sleep so much better with our sleeping masks. And we were lucky to have met Christine Lenz, because Christine is a sleep expert who has over 20 years of experience in the field of sleep research. She not only can help with sleep disorders, but she also offers beautiful sleep products.

James and I have the Premium Bio Sleeping Masks and definitively don’t want to be without them anymore. As you can see on our sleeping masks, you can even have your own customized writing on them. Just in case you want a more personal touch.

Personalized sleeping masks
Personalized sleeping masks

If you are on the search for a great gift or have trouble falling asleep easily, just check out her website.

Try the Cumulu Pillow, a head rest, a sleeping mask, or some sleep coaching. * for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bag made from Bio Cotton
Bag made from Bio Cotton
Fair trade bag Aufbewahrungsbeutel
Fairtrade bag Aufbewahrungsbeutel

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