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If you have read our Puttering around the World page, then you know that our sabbatical was anything but Slow Travel. Prior to our trip, we bought a map of Southeast Asia. We studied that map and filled it with notes, highlighting all the must-sees and must-do’s. We were so intent on seeing everything that once we got out on the road, we had to move and change locations almost nightly.  As you can imagine, after a few weeks we were completely exhausted and in desperate need of recovery.

On the Road
On the Road

A Holiday from our Holidays

So, we decided to take a break. We stayed on the island of Koh Yao Noi in Thailand for a week and just did nothing. And from that moment on, we started to travel more intently. We stayed in places longer and began to enjoy and really absorb more of what we saw.

Slow Travel has always been an important part of our travels. To quickly move around from one place to another is not our thing. If we don’t see everything … well, then it just means that we have to go back again. Someday.

However, at the beginning of our sabbatical, we realized that we had done exactly what we did not want to do! We were traveling in a fashion that is not our style, just so we could see as much as possible from our map. And we lost touch with traveling slowly.

We knew that a healthy mix of seeing a lot while staying someplace in order to get to know the country and its people is possible. And so, in 2018, we decided to quit our jobs to travel the world while playing golf. But slowly this time.

Traveling with our Golf Clubs

Traveling with our Golf Clubs
Traveling with our Golf Clubs

You might be tempted to ask us- if you want to travel the world, why bring your golf clubs?  After all, it isn’t easy. I’m afraid to admit that the reason why is really my fault!

When we started dreaming about the idea to travel the world, bringing our golf clubs was not part of the original idea. All we knew was that we wanted to travel light. Just throw a couple of t-shirts, shorts, and a toothbrush in a backpack and we’re good!

As we began to get more serious with our dream, we thought about where we could start. Since we had traveled to Asia a few times before, we knew that it would be a natural beginning. And from there, why not travel to Australia we wondered. It was then that James said that playing golf in Australia had been a dream of his for as long as he could remember. In a moment of sheer weakness, I thought out loud “why not bring our golf clubs”?!  Before I was even able to complete my thought, “Yes!” James replied immediately, his eyes sparkling with excitement! I could see that his wheels were turning. We could play here and here and there and there he exclaimed. I had created a monster! And the golf bags had become an essential ingredient of our travel plans. 

Slow Travel had now met his brother Quick Pars.  And it was there at our kitchen table that Puttering around the World was born!

Slow Travel on a bike
Slow Travel on a Bike
Slow Travel in a Tuktuk
in a Tuktuk
Slow Travel on a Train
and on a Train!

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  1. Helen Street

    Lovely to read about your travels. Michael and I met you at the Tasmanian Golf Club. Hope you were able to get a game and you enjoyed our course.
    Nice having a chat.

    1. Hello Helen and Michael!

      It was so wonderful meeting you both, and thank you for such a warm welcome to the Club! Everywhere we traveled in Tassie, everyone said that we had to play golf at TGC- and everyone was right. We loved our round of golf and had a fantastic day at Tasmania Golf Club!

      All our very best,
      Menekse and James

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