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If you‘ve read our introduction This is Puttering around the World then you already know that our sabbatical was anything but “slow”. We bought a map of Southeast Asia prior to our trip, which we studied and filled with notes, markings, must-see’s and must-do’s. We wanted to see so much that once we got out on the road, we had to move and change hotels almost nightly.  As you can imagine, after a few weeks we were pretty pooped and in desperate need of recovery.

So we decided to have a break and stayed on the island of Koh Yao Noi in Thailand for a week just to do nothing. From that moment on, we started to travel more intently, staying in one place for longer than a day or two, so that we could enjoy and absorb more of what we saw.

Slow Travel has always been an important part of our travels. To hunt from one place to another is not our thing. And, if we do not see everything … well, then it just means that we have to go back. One day.

But while we were on our sabbatical, we realized that we had done exactly what we did not want to do. We were traveling in a way that’s not our style at all, just to be able to see as much as possible from our map. We lost touch of traveling slowly.

We think that a healthy mix of seeing a lot and staying someplace for a longer time  to get to know the country and its people, is possible. That’s why we‘ve decided to use the slogan “Slow Travel and Quick Pars” for our world trip and our website.

If you wonder what Quick Pars are,  you can read that on James‘ golf page.

We are also aware that we will be making a dream come true with this journey and we will be able to take our time. But time is relative and we’re sure it will go by faster than we will like.

This is why it is important for us to get to know as much as possible about a place rather than checking as much as possible on our map. To talk to the people, to take time to find hidden gems, also to stray off the path, to use public transportation instead of tour busses and to enjoy what we see and explore. With all of our hearts and eyes.

That’s what Slow Travel is for us.

We hope we can take you with us on our journey, and show you some of our favorite places, restaurants, cafes, attractions and golf courses here and there.

Slow Travel on a bike
Slow Travel on a Tuktuk
Slow Travel on a train

Wenn du  This is Puttering around the World gelesen hast,  weißt du sicher, dass unsere Sabbatical Monate alles andere als „slow“ waren.

Unsere Südost-Asienkarte, die wir vorab in Deutschland studiert hatten, war voll mit Markierungen, Notizen, Must-See’s und Must-Do’s. So sind wir auf unserer „großen“ Reise teilweise nach nur einer Nacht an einem Ort bereits weitergezogen um der Karte gerecht zu werden. Ihr könnt euch vorstellen, dass wir nach ein paar Wochen des Reisens ziemlich erschlagen waren und dringend eine Ruhephase benötigten.

Daher beschlossen wir kurzerhand eine ganze Woche auf der Insel Koh Yao Noi in Thailand zu verbringen und einfach mal nichts zu tun. Das war auch gut so, denn von da an, fingen wir an, gemäßigter zu reisen und länger als ein, zwei Tage an einem Ort zu bleiben, so dass wir das Gesehene auch genießen und aufnehmen konnten.

Slow Travel war in unseren vorherigen Reisen immer ein wichtiger Punkt. Von einem Ort zum anderen zu hechten, ist nicht unser Ding. Und wenn wir dafür eine Sache nicht sehen… dann müssen wir eben wieder zurück. Irgendwann. Während unseres Sabbatical sahen wir, dass wir genau das gemacht hatten, was wir nicht wollen und auch gar nicht unser Reisestil ist. Nur damit wir möglichst viel sehen… eben alles, was wir vorab auf der Karte eingezeichnet hatten.

Wir denken, dass eine gesunde Mischung aus viel sehen und dennoch lange an einem Ort zu bleiben um dort Land und Leute kennenzulernen, möglich ist.

Wir haben uns entschlossen, unsere Reise und Website ganz unter das Motto „Slow Travel und Quick Pars“ zu stellen. Was Quick Pars sind, könnt ihr auf der Golf Seite von James nachlesen.

Uns ist bewußt, dass wir uns mit dieser Reise einen Traum erfüllen und wirklich viel Zeit haben werden. Aber Zeit ist relativ und wird selbst hier schneller vergehen als uns lieb ist. Dennoch ist es uns wichtig, möglichst viel von einem Ort kennenzulernen statt möglichst viel auf einer Karte abzuhaken.

Mit Einheimischen reden, sich Zeit nehmen um versteckte Schätze zu finden, auch mal abseits der Pfade zu schauen, mit den örtlichen Transportmitteln zu fahren statt mit Tour Bussen, und zu genießen, was wir sehen und erleben. Mit ganzem Herzen und mit unseren Augen. Das ist Slow Travel für uns.

Wir hoffen, dass wir euch auf unsere Reise mitnehmen, und euch hier und da ein paar unserer Lieblingsplätze, -restaurants, -cafes, -sehenswürdigkeiten und Golfplätze entlang unserer Route zeigen dürfen.

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  • How is everyone holding up?

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Lately, our days have been starting with meditation. We follow that by a cup of coffee, watching some Instagram stories, and then having breakfast.
Sometimes we walk the dogs of our neighbour. And then we work on our website.

One thing that we added to our routine is READING!

We have always loved to read, and now we have time for it.
Currently we are reading "The way of the Shark" (James) and "Tiger Woods" (Menekse). What book recommendations do you have for us?

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#stayhome #stayhealthy #positivevibes
After 5 days at home we dared to go out as we urgently needed a long walk.
We decided to go to a beach which is about 20 minutes drive away, in the hope that there wouldn't be too many people. And it was empty!

As we arrived at Hyams Beach, the shades of the blue ocean were overwhelming.
We walked along the white beach, saw dolphins and soaked in the sun and refueled our energy.

We're sending you positive vibes with this picture.
We hope you're doing well.

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#staysafe #stayathome ##stayhealthy
  • COVID-19

These days SLOW TRAVEL has completely changed its meaning for us.

We usually really enjoy taking everything in in our pace, but things seem different now.

We decided to rent a little flat here in Australia so we can stay away from everything. We're trying to protect us and others. We're trying to flatten the curve. We're trying to stay "at home". Having time and being able to spend it in one location has always been a luxury for us, but all of a sudden it feels weird. Traveling is not the same anymore. 
Will we go back to Germany right now? No. Do we want to continue traveling? Yes, but only if we can manage not to get in contact with people. Are we scared? Like hell.

But we also know that we have each other. We can talk and see family and friends over video chats.
And as long as people act responsibly, understand how serious this is, and stop being ignorant, we have hope that this sad and scary chapter will end one day.

Sending everyone good and positive vibes. Stay safe and be responsible!

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  • DID YOU KNOW... ...that the Bee Gees are from Australia?

Neither did we!! When we noticed that their hometown was almost on our way we took a little detour. 
The Bee Gees grew up in the small town of Redcliff, Queensland, where the city did a really cool job dedicating a street, the "Bee Gees Way". Walking down the street you can hear their songs played over loudspeakers, look at pictures, read some information about their history, and even have a selfie taken with the band!

After walking down that street we still have their songs stuck in our head.

What other celebrities are from Australia?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds

Long Reef Golf Club wasn't on our radar originally. When talking about where to play golf Down Under with our friend , he suggested that we add @longreefgolfclub to our list.
Despite the rain on a couple holes, we had a great day today and are so happy that we played here!
What is the best golf course that a friend has recommended to you?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
  • FAIL

Sometimes we think that we should post "Instagramable" pictures of us, you know, the golfing travel couple.
But, like most often, we're not quite prepared.

When we went to the Carlo Sand Blow, the giant dune was so amazing that we started running and dancing before we came to the idea to take a "travel couple" picture.
While trying to take a selfie (of course we didn't bring our stand or anything), our camera fell down! And we weren't even ready for the picture.
We ended up not getting a good picture of us and sand in our camera!
That was a clear fail. But we had fun playing in the sand! 😄

Does it happen to you while attempting to get the best picture of something amazing it just doesn't work?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
  • 10 YEARS AGO

When you said yes, I didn't know that you would give me the world.
When you said yes, I didn't know that you would take away all my fears.
When you said yes, I didn't know that I would become stronger.
When you said yes, I didn't know that I would become so complete.
When you said yes, I didn't know that I would become a better person.

Happy anniversary askim!! It seems like just yesterday that we were standing bare foot on our beach in beautiful Mauritius. The sun was so bright that we could hardly keep our eyes open. With our toes in the sand, we said "I do!" and happily started a new chapter together.

Cheers to the next 10 years!

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds #weddinganniversary
Searching for paradise? Well, Lady Elliot Island could be your spot.

We took a Cessna from Hervey Bay which took about 40 minutes and showed us spectacular views over the ocean, Fraser Island and the coast of Bundaberg.

Approaching the island from the air gave us a view that was absolutely jaw dropping! Also jaw dropping was the green grass (and very short!) runway 😄

Our day was unforgettable. After arriving, we took a glass bottom boat tour where we saw turtles, a reef shark and amazing fish and corals. And then we went snorkeling around the island which is in the very southern part of the Great Barrier Reef!! #unesco 😄

We did a reef walk, an island discovery tour and enjoyed every second on this island paradise.

If there was an downside, it was that we couldn't stay longer.

What does paradise look like for you?

#putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
  • “YOU CAN SHAKE THE SAND FROM YOUR SHOES, BUT NOT FROM YOUR SOUL.” #putteringaroundtheworld #slowtravel #quickpars #travelingwithgolfbags #golfabonds
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