Traveling in Malaysia

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Traveling in Malaysia has proven out to be an absolutely fantastic choice for us. We arrived in May 2019 and traveled throughout Malaysia for three months. The free visa allowed us to stay this long and we thought why not take advantage of it!

But besides a free 90-day visa on arrival, why traveling in Malaysia for so long?

Why is obvious. It is a beautiful country that offers many possibilities so there is always something for everyone. Be it nature, big cities, or beach holidays.

The transportation networks are well developed, the roads are clean, there are pedestrian paths, and many many multi-cultural facilities and restaurants.

The various cities are easy and relatively fast to reach, thanks to good public connections such as buses, trains and airports.

We will take you on our journey through this country and show you the itinerary that we have chosen, our travel expenses, travel durations, and what we particularly liked.

Because we think that a trip to Malaysia is totally worth it, and it is a place that we highly recommend.

Traveling in Malaysia
Traveling in Malaysia

Our travelroute and itinerary in Malaysia

Considering that we are both allowed to stay in the country for three months, we decided to make Kuala Lumpur the first stop of our Malaysia Tour and planned to stay there for a month.

We booked an apartment so that we could get to know the city in a slow pace, as well as to plan our next travels in Malaysia.

Our decision to stay a month in this brilliant city was the right one. Not only because we could slowly explore the city, but we also had an apartment with a kitchen.  This allowed us to be able to cook again, and to have something like a regular everyday life.

And of course, there were also a few golf courses on our plan. After all, we do not want to carry our golf bags around the world for nothing.

Our final route looked like this:

Kuala Lumpur – Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands – Ipoh

Ipoh – Taiping

Taiping – Georgetown

Georgetown – Langkawi

Langkawi – Johor


Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is well known because of the Twin Towers.  It is also well-liked as a stopover destination. But what surprised us was the variety of green spaces that the city offered.

The quality of life is very high, there are many different neighborhoods, a myriad of shopping malls, and good opportunities for day trips. Everyone speaks English, and it is easy to use the well-developed metro network.

If you are interested in how to get from the airport to the city, what you can do and what sights are available in and around Kuala Lumpur, you can read more here: Our visit to Kuala Lumpur.

Our conclusion:

We could easily have stayed here longer. Despite staying for a month, we didn’t even see everything. And despite the long time, we didn’t get bored in Kuala Lumpur.

But our traveling in Malaysia just started.

Traveling in Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves
Traveling in Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves

Cameron Highlands

Known for its tea plantations, pleasant climate, and striking landscapes, Cameron Highlands is on the travel list of many tourists. After a month in the heat of Kuala Lumpur, we were really looking forward to a change of climate.

We stayed there for three nights and are still undecided whether it was too long or too short.

We were a bit unlucky with the weather, because it rained almost throughout for two days. Maybe it would have been more attractive for us if the weather would have been drier.

For hiking enthusiasts, we definitely recommend staying here longer.

For ocean lovers, we recommend a shorter stay here so that you can use the saved days for the beach. Two to three nights are, in our opinion, ideal for those who have planned more in Malaysia and aren’t too much into hiking.

To get to the Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur, we took the bus. The bus ride took about 5 hours and cost just 38.50 MYR per person.

Did you know that it is not legally allowed to have a toilet on a bus in Malaysia?!

But the bus driver makes stops, on longer distances anyway. And for shorter rides, simply ask the driver if you must deal with a need. ?

You can read more about our days in the Cameron Highlands here: Cameron Highlands.

Traveling Cameron Highlands
Traveling Cameron Highlands


Ipoh was one of the cities which really surprised us. It was equally as impressive as the streetart in Georgetown, the food was fantastic, and we even explored rockpaintings on an adventurous hike.

From Cameron Highlands we took the bus for 22 MYR per person. Usually the drive takes about two hours. But due to holidays and a notorious traffic jam, it took us about four hours that day.

Read here about our time in Ipoh!

Traveling in Ipoh
Traveling in Ipoh


Taiping was a spontaneous decision. We had never heard about it before and thought, why not. A tour guide in Cameron Highlands that we chatted with told us that Taiping had very good coffee. That was good reason enough for me. After a short research, we also read that Taiping has Malaysia’s oldest zoo, which is also open at night.

We only stayed one night, but we strolled through Taiping’s famous and beautiful garden, saw the animals at the zoo, and heard the roar of the lions at sunset as they started to get active.

From Ipoh we traveled by bus and the costs were 10 MYR per person. The bus ride took about an hour.

Would we recommend Taiping? Yes, if you have a lot of time and a car. Otherwise you can easily skip Taiping.

Traveling in Taiping
Traveling in Taiping


Coming soon!

Traveling in Georgetown
Traveling in Georgetown


Langkawi is a popular destination for both package tourists as well as individual travellers. At the beginning we had some doubts because we thought that it could be too crowded for us. But as we would travel there during the rainy season and intended to stay away from the trendy Cenang beach, we thought that we would likely avoid the crowds. We took that chance.

We traveled from Georgetown to Langkawi with a ferry for 70,00 MYR per person.

Despite all the rain that we had we were still able to see the best attractions in Langkawi.

Our conclusion:

We thought that the island was really beautiful. We travelled in May, and it was not crowded.  Langkawi is absolutely worth a trip!


We stayed in Malaysia’s second largest city for a short time. The city would serve as our base for our day trip to the coast of Desaru to play golf, as well as to simplify our trip to Bintan in Indonesia.

We traveled from Langkawi to Johor by plane. Cost: 155 MYR per person including golf luggage.

We realized that we were beginning to run out of time, otherwise we would have taken the train or the bus again to Johor Bahru.

We liked Johor and found that there were hardly any other tourists in the city. And when we saw them, they were usually weekend travelers coming from Singapore. Our days started very comfortably and we finished them just as comfortable. We explored the city, drifting from place to place in the old town. And we also enjoyed the views on the beach of Danga Bay, where we stayed. We would travel back to Johor any time.

Read here about our days in Johor.

Traveling Johor
Traveling Johor


Coming soon!

Christ Church Melaka
Christ Church Melaka

Kuching, Borneo

Coming soon!

Orang-Utans in Borneo
Orang -Utans in Borneo

Overview of our travel expenses in Malaysia

As we decided to go on a world trip, we knew that it wouldn’t be forever. But we wanted to try our very best to make it last as long as possible. To be able to do that, we had to think about how to spend our savings wisely.

In order to do that, we define a daily budget per country and try to stick to it as much as possible.  Our budget per country is based on cost of living research, as well as recommendations by other travelers.

For traveling in Malaysia, our budgeted amount was 58,00 EUR per day.

What we spent at the end of our trip, as well as what our largest expense categories were, you can read here: Overview of our travel expenses in Malaysia.

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