Golf in Turkey

Golf in Turkey

Merhaba and hoş geldiniz to Golf in Turkey! 

The very first stop of our golfing journey was to play Golf in Turkey. Menekse’s roots are Turkish, which is why the extraordinary country of Turkey was a perfect start. 

Istanbul. Just the name itself stirs your imagination! As the capital city of 3 former empires, Istanbul has everything. A city of unmatched history, home to 15 million citizens plus, Istanbul is a melting pot of sights, sounds, tastes, and cultures.

When thinking of the oldest golf clubs in continental Europe, Istanbul doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But did you know that one of the 10 oldest Clubs in Europe is found in Istanbul? Istanbul Golf Club opened as Constantinople Golf Club back in 1895.

Surrounded by the towering high rises of Istanbul’s financial district, Menekse and I played the inner-city Ataşehir Golf Club. We had never played a 6-hole course before, and we really loved the experience!

From Istanbul, we continued to the southwest coast and enjoyed some relaxing time with her parents. While there, we made our way up to play golf at Kuşadası International Golf Club.

With so many more courses we want to explore, we will be back to play more golf in Turkey!

Ataşehir Golf Club- Golf in Turkey
Playing golf in Istanbul!

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