A language guide for Australia

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You’re probably wondering why a language guide for Australia is needed. After all, they speak English there, right? Well… as we had our first chat with a real “Aussie” (short for Australian), we immediately knew that we had to learn more about their language. Even though it is English, it seemed, well, different!

Our host welcomed us with a “G’day, mate, and welcome to Straya! Want a cuppa?”

Straya? Cuppa?

“Thank you” and “ah, sure”, we replied, not really knowing what was to come next.

As we were given a cup of tea, we realized that “cuppa” means “a cup of tea”. Aha!

And “Straya”, well, that must mean “Australia”.

We read that even Australia’s airline “Qantas” is an abbreviation! It stands for “Queensland and Northern Territory Airline Service”. Did you know that?

Sightseeing in Australia while learning the Aussie Slang
Sightseeing in Australia while learning the Aussie Slang

Aussies love abbreviations

We asked Linda, our neighbor in Jervis Bay, where we had our last House Sit. And she answered: “I never thought of it. It is just the way it is! It is the Aussie way.”

Australian abbreviations

Below are a few of the abbreviations that we heard during our time in Australia:

Aussie EnglishEnglish
Arvo (S’arvo)Afternoon (this afternoon)
BiccyCookie, cracker, biscuit
Choccy biccyChocolate biscuit
CuppaCup of Tea
DunnoI don’t know
EskyIce Box
ServoPetrol/Gas Station
Swimmers, cozzies, or togsSwimsuit
ThongsFlip Flops

Decoding the Australian Language

We for sure had some fun moments decoding the Australian language.

It was heaps of (lots of) fun to talk to Aussies. And to learn all the unknown words.

Have you had experiences like that while traveling in Australia? What amusing stories do you have?

We’re sure there are many more great abbreviations. So, if you know others, add them in the comments below!

And if you haven’t been to Australia yet, but are planning to go, now you’re prepared with the most important abbreviations with our language guide for Australia and can throw in a “G’Day Mate“ and invite an Aussie for a cuppa.

A language guide for Australia
A language guide for Australia

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