Franz, the globetrotting baker

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One of the greatest things about travel are the people that you meet and get to know along the way. Franz, the globetrotting baker, is one of them.

Franz, the globetrotting baker
Franz, the globetrotting baker

In Sumatra one of the places that we stayed was at Lake Toba, which was a beautiful place to linger and unwind. We had spent four nights in one hotel and then spontaneously decided to extend our stay another seven nights at another hotel.


It was here that we met Franz. We got into a conversation with him relatively quickly, and found out that he is responsible for the many goodies they have at the hotel.

Franz is a retired baker from Germany who loves to travel and is able to combine his travel with his work and hobby: baking.

Bakery in Sumatra
Bakery in Sumatra
Franz baking cakes
Franz baking cakes

We learned that he is here at Lake Toba on a voluntary basis, and has been working for an organization called “SES” for three years.

Interesting, we thought, so we asked him if he could tell us more.

He could…

The interview

Interview, learning about a baker's life
Interview, learning about a baker’s life

Here is our little interview with him and a little insight into his life:


PATW: “Where and what did you learn as your profession?”

Franz: “I learned my profession from my father, who was also a baker, in Neckarsulm, Germany.”

PATW: “Has this always been your desired profession?”

Franz: “Since my family we had a bakery, there was no question that I would learn this as a profession.”

Freshly baked bread
Freshly baked bread

PATW: “When did the travel bug grab you?

Franz: “I got the travel bug after I sold my parent’s bakery. Since then I have worked as a baker in Switzerland, Austria and Canada.”


PATW: “What exactly is SES?”

Franz: “SES stands for Seniors Experts Service and is an organization in Germany. They send retired people who are still fit and want to share their knowledge to different countries. A mission like this takes usually place in 3 weeks.”

PATW: “How did you come to this?”

Franz: “I always wanted to volunteer and found out about SES from a colleague in Germany.”

PATW: “Since when have you been involved for or with SES?”

Franz: “I have been working for SES for the past 3 years. In Switzerland this organization is called Swiss-Contact.”

PATW: “Which countries have you traveled for while working for SES?”

Franz: “I have travelled to Kosovo, Albania, Armenia, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Peru and Indonesia with SES.“

PATW: “What was your best experience?”

Franz: “My best experience was in Indonesia. I was welcomed like a VIP with all honor. I got an espalier, a flower lei, a speech with the national hymn and a prayer.”

PATW: “What was the most unpleasant experience?”

Franz: “So far I have only had good experiences.”

The interview with Franz, the baker, who travels around the world
The interview with Franz, the baker who travels around the world

PATW: “How many times do you travel with SES per year?”

Franz: “This year it will be my fourth time. My travels with SES will bring me back to Indonesia.”


PATW: “What are your plans for the future?”

Franz: “My biggest wish for this year is to find a partner to share and enjoy life and experiences together with me.”

PATW: “Thank you Franz for this interview!”

Follow your dreams

It was a real pleasure to meet Franz. He is a great example of why everyone can and should follow their dreams and passions.

Franz, we are really missing your delicious breads and cakes! ?

Franz, who spoiled us with baked goodies
Franz, who spoiled us with baked goodies
German baked deliciousness from our globetrotter Franz
German baked deliciousness from our globetrotter Franz
A farewell for the baking globetrotter
A farewell for the baking globetrotter

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