Home away from home

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Home away from home

Sometimes life holds surprises. Sometimes they’re good ones, and sometimes bad ones. But sometimes you feel at home away from home!
We had just arrived on the South Island from the North Island, and our next 2 nights were planned in Nelson.  
We went to the Nelson Golf Club and met Rebecca from the Clubhouse office, which we had communicated with beforehand via email.  She greeted us so warmly that we felt very welcome from the very first moment. The next morning, we got ready for our round of golf and played at the fantastic Nelson Golf Club.
After golf – I had only played 12 holes and James finished the round alone- James came back to our camper.

Unfortunately, life had an unpleasant surprise for us.  
We drank something and he said that he felt funny and had to sit down.
At first, we thought he was having low blood sugar.
A spoonful of honey didn’t help, so we decided to go to the Club cafeteria to drink a Coke.
The Coke didn’t help either, and I could see him feeling worse. When he then said that his heart felt weird, my legs went weak.


I called Rebecca over, who was also in the cafeteria. She told me where the nearest hospital is and tried to calm me down.
She said maybe it was just stress and that he should lie down and rest a little.
I was so worried and helpless. James didn’t want to go to the hospital and decided to lie down.

Rebecca looked at me and said she could give me a hug to make me feel better.
Normally I don’t hug people that I just met, but at that moment I was so happy that someone was there for me.
Her hug triggered so much emotion in me at that moment.
The feeling of not being alone. And how much I miss my mom and her hugs.  
And that someone so far away from home has so much kindness and love in her to take care of us.
Rebecca was worried about us!

Coffee time
Home away from home
Coffee time

The next day

The next day, James felt better, and so we said our goodbyes, not knowing that we would see her again very soon.
But the next day, James said that his heart felt bad again and he felt some anxiety, so we decided to go to the hospital. He was advised to stay close for a week and not drive so as not to endanger us or others.

So, we stayed near the Nelson Golf Club for a week and saw Rebecca again.

She told us that she had thought of us and was hoping that James would feel better soon. We each got a nice big hug again. She was so cheerful, comforting, and kind.

And with her hug, she gave us a piece of home, far away from home.

Rebecca and us
Home away from home
Rebecca and us

PS: We continued our travels and James is feeling back to normal. The doctors don’t know what it was or what could have triggered his feelings of anxiety, but we know that we should live every day to its fullest. We still often think of Rebecca- thank you Rebecca for your help, and your hugs!

A thoughtful gift
A thoughtful gift

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