The Best Campgrounds in Tasmania

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We traveled throughout Tasmania for four months and found the island to be incredible! It may sound like a long time, but there was just so much to see and so much to do that we felt like we barely scratched the surface. And the coolest thing for travelers in campervans or caravans is that this beautiful island offers a huge range of campgrounds. Many of which are even free of charge! Here is a list of the best campgrounds in Tasmania!

Heads-up: most campgrounds are for self-contained campervans only. This means that you need to have a toilet and a shower inside your vehicle. So needless to say, we think that our ‘porta-potti was the smartest purchase we ever made! And even though we only have a weed-sprayer that we use as a shower, rather than a built-in, we were never turned away from any of the campgrounds.

Tip:  There aren’t many public showers in Tasmania, but you can ask to use the showers at paid campgrounds. They will often let you shower for $5!

We mostly stayed in free campgrounds around Tasmania. Some of our favorite campgrounds are located within National Parks, so you will need to buy a National Parks Pass.

Tip: Our recommendation is to purchase a one-year Tasmanian National Parks Pass for $90. This is a huge saving versus the one entry fee to a National Park of $40! And Tasmania is full of spectacular National Parks, so we can promise that you will definitely visit more than three!

We also added a few campgrounds that we didn’t stay in. But as they came highly recommended to us by fellow travelers, we wanted to include them here.

Best Campgrounds in Tasmania
Best Campgrounds in Tasmania

Recommended Apps

In order to find the best campgrounds in Tasmania, we used the apps CamperMate and WikiCamps. Both of which are great. In our opinion, CamperMate is very easy to use and has a good and useful selection of categories. But WikiCamps often offers campsites that CamperMate doesn’t have.

At just under 3 euros, WikiCamps is an investment that quickly pays off. And, WikiCamps also includes campgrounds in New Zealand, so if you also plan to travel to New Zealand AND Australia, you only have to pay once.

CamperMate is free of charge.

The Campgrounds listed below are not in any specific order.

Northern Forage Campgrounds

Great Eastern Drive Campgrounds

Southern Edge Campgrounds

Heartlands Campgrounds

Western Wilds Campgrounds

We know that our list of the best campgrounds in Tasmania will give you a good idea of where to stay, and that it will help you plan for your next Tassie adventure.

Northern Forage


Western Wilds

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