The Museum Pass of Istanbul

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The Museum Pass of Istanbul

The Museum Pass of Istanbul
Museum Pass Istanbul

One beauty of travel is the many cultures that you get to know. Rich in history, Istanbul offers a huge number of excellent museums and cultural sites. Entrance fees into many of the museums are relatively inexpensive. However, it is still possible to save money. To do so, you should buy a Museum Pass. The Museum Pass Istanbul can be purchased online* as well as at the ticket counters of most historic sights and museums.

Save time and money with the Museum Pass

The Museum Pass Istanbul costs 700 Turkish Lira and is valid for 5 days starting with your first museum visit. The pass is well worth it if you want to see the many important historical treasures of this spectacular city. The pass is valid for 13 museums, including the Galata Tower, Topkapi Palace, and our favorite, the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

Another advantage is that the fast lane is included in the purchase of the Museum Pass. Istanbul is a well-visited city, and the queues can get very long, so being able to use the fast last is great. This means that the pass saves not only money but time! We also found that some shops offer discounts on purchases when you show them the Museum Pass.

If you are traveling to other areas of Turkey, there are other Museum Passes available. In addition to the Museum Pass Istanbul, there is the Museum Pass Cappadocia, the Museum Pass Mediterranean, and the Museum Pass Aegean. The cost as well as the number of days the pass is valid varies depending on which Pass you purchase.

And if your travels to Turkey include more than one area, there is also a Museum Pass Türkiye available! This pass is good at over 300 museums and archaeological sites and is valid for 15-days. This pass would be the best for a road trip through Turkey!

Tip: Note that only one entrance per museum and site is possible, which means you cannot visit the same site a second time for free.

Now, all that is left to do, is go and explore Istanbul! Have fun!

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