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As a former travel agent, I really enjoy searching for hotels, and even just looking at hotels online.

But being on the road on a budget, while trying to find good hotels that we like and would like to stay at, isn’t always easy.  Since our goal is to travel for as long as possible, while playing all the great golf courses the world has to offer, our focus on budget is our clear priority.

In order to fullfill this goal, we have stayed in some, let’s just say, not so fancy schmancy places.

Therefore, we decided to have a little bit more “luxury” on our next stay. The destination that we were heading to was Medan, Sumatra. It was a place where we wanted to play golf, relax a little bit, plan the next countries that we would like to see, and to finally enjoy a nice hotel.

We found the ibis Styles Medan Pattimura Hotel and it looked like a nice hotel. The design was modern, and breakfast was included. One of the most important things for us is wi-fi, which was included as well.

So, we went ahead and did something we usually don’t do: we booked it for 10 nights!

sitting area at the reception
Sitting area at the reception

Our arrival

Our arrival to Medan was late at night, and although excited, we were a little bit tired. We had booked a shuttle directly from the hotel and were warmly greeted by the driver and brought safe to the hotel.  The transfer took about an hour.

The check in went smooth and fast, exactly how we like it.

Plus, unlike other places we’ve stayed, we didn’t feel quite so funny checking in with our golf travel bags 😊

Our room was on the fifth floor, non-smoking, as we requested.

5th floor at ibis Medan
5th floor at ibis Medan

The ibis offers non-smoking rooms from the 2nd to the 8th floors, while 9th to the 11th floors are smoking rooms.

The most important thing in a hotel for us is cleanliness. And I must say our room was spotlessly clean. I was so relieved!

After a nice shower, I fell into the cozy queen-size bed. Oh, how I love white clean beddings and comfortable beds!

our room at ibis Styles Medan
Our room at ibis Styles Medan

The next morning, we went for breakfast, not expecting much. While often the breakfast consists of only jams, rice and fried eggs, here we got a whole big buffet!

Fresh fruit, different kinds of Indonesian food, toast, croissants, Indonesian pastries, and so much more..

pastries at ibis Medan
Pastries at ibis Medan

But, a breakfast is only good when the coffee is good. If you know me, you know that my first move was straight to the coffee machine. And the next pleasant surprise: the coffee tasted awesome!

breakfast buffet at ibis Styles Medan
Breakfast buffet at ibis Styles Medan

When you like it..

We enjoyed our stay very much and were happy that we booked for 10 nights.

We went for swims (there is a little outside pool located on the first floor). The gym saw our faces only once… as we were looking at it. We didn’t use because the aircon was too high for us and we didn’t want to get sick after exercising and most likely sweating.  Good excuse, right!

The hotel location was great with a few restaurants in the surrounding area, a supermarket next door, an ATM also next door, and of course it’s easy to get everywhere with Grab.

The ibis Styles Medan Pattimura Hotel became our “hub” while in Medan, and it felt like home.

Our days there were so nice that we came back. Twice. And we had the same awesome experience each time.

happy guest
Happy guest

We had: smiles and friendliness. Clean stylish rooms and great service. A wonderful breakfast, so that we were always the last guests sitting and enjoying (sorry F&B for staying so long!).

Thank you, ibis Styles Medan Pattimura Hotel, our stays and the whole team were fantastic!

Agus, always with a big smile and always a big help
Agus, always with a big smile and always a big help


Modern hotel with spacious rooms

129 Superior, 3 Deluxe, and 1 Deluxe Suite Room

Check in 2 pm / check out 12 am

Wi-fi, gym, restaurant, bar, kid’s corner and an indoor swimming pool

Great location in a good neighbourhood

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly

That’s why:

8,5 Globes on a Tee

8,5 Globes on a Tee out of 10 for the Ibis Styles, because of the spotless cleaniness, the friendly staff, and the central location.

Streats Restaurant
Streats Restaurant

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