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I have been traveling with my Atlas headcovers from Stymie Golf Supply for a few years now. But how did we come to partner with such a great company? That’s a pretty cool story!

Just prior to us heading out on our world golf trip, I started thinking about a design that reflects me. I wanted a pattern to represent what I love. And I wanted it to be the color I like, and for it to represent the journey that we were about to embark upon. I had no idea what I would use the pattern for, but that didn’t stop me from searching. After 6 months, I found exactly what I was looking for. I found a fabric that had a map of the world on it, which was simply perfect for me.

It was perfect because maps have always fascinated me. And because we were about to start traveling the world! The fabric was blue, which is one of my favorite colors! And the theme; an old atlas! I mean, what could be better for Puttering around the World?!

Stymie Golf Supply
Stymie Golf Supply

A Perfect Headcover

But I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with the fabric. Should I use it to make curtains for a future campervan? We like clean and simple, so I wasn’t sure if world map curtains would be the right fit. Maybe I could use it for cushions for the campervan? Yeah, that might be an idea. Or maybe we could use it for something related to golf? I had shown the fabric to James, and he loved it as much as I did. But he also didn’t have an idea what to do with it.

The days came and went, and I had forgotten about my world map fabric. Then it was time for our adventure to begin. We left our hometown, and our comfort zones, and started out on our journey, with just our small backpacks and our golf clubs on our backs!

One day we were lying on the beach in Bali when James suddenly said that we should design our own headcovers. Something with our logo on it. And something that represents what we’re doing. I loved the idea, and my fabric immediately popped into my mind!

The Perfect Partner

Just a few hours later, we were in contact with Max from Stymie Golf Supply. Stymie Golf Supply makes beautifully handcrafted golf club headcovers and golf accessories. We always loved his awesome styles. Knowing they also make custom headcovers, we knew that Stymie was the perfect partner.

Unbelievable but true, he said to simply send him a photo of our fabric, and he would see what he could do. And in no time, he had created the most beautiful headcovers that I have ever seen! The entire process was so fast and easy.

But the question was how could we get the headcovers? After all, Stymie is located in New York, and we were in Bali. And we had no plans to travel to the US in the near future. But that was also no problem. Max asked us where we were heading, and he would just ship them there for us!

When we arrived in Australia, our package from Stymie was already waiting. Opening the box and seeing my fabric made into such beautiful headcovers filled my heart with joy! I was so eager to go to the golf course and show them off. Not to mention how proud I was to see my headcovers showcased among his many awesome products on Stymie’s website.

Receiving my Stymie Headcovers
Receiving my Stymie Headcovers

Since then, our Stymie headcovers have traveled throughout Australia with us. They have been on all the greatest golf courses in this amazing country. And we are excited to bring them with us all around the world!

Stymie Golf Supply in Australia
Carrying Stymie all over Australia

Our Review of the Stymie Atlas Headcovers

I have the Atlas Covers for my driver, 2 fairway woods, my putter, as well as a valuables bag. Saying that I love my headcovers would be an understatement. Max had absolutely aced all our expectations!

After playing with them for over 2 years in Australia’s extreme climate, let’s get more into the details and see how we like the headcovers.

Atlas Covers by Stymie Golf Supply
Atlas Covers by Stymie Golf Supply


The durability of the headcovers is pure awesomeness! The stitches are still exactly the same as they were when we received them. Even after 2 years of rugged use, pulling them in and out of our campervan, there isn’t a single loose thread.

Stymie Golf Supply Quality
Great Quality

The headcovers are easy to remove and put back on my clubs, which is something that I had struggled with in the past with other headcovers. An internal elastic band fits snug to the club head nicely.

The material is made from durable Eco Canvas and has a deluxe fleece interior lining.

In our travels, we have put them through one serious quality test. We have dragged them through the red dirt of the Outback, played rain-soaked rounds in South Australia, battled gale-force winds at Barnbougle, endured the punishing sun of the Nullarbor, and they still looked nice enough to tee it up at the exclusive Royal Melbourne Golf Club!

Stymie Golf Supply at Barnbougle Dunes
Stymie Golf Supply at Barnbougle Dunes

Coolness Factor

Our first impression was WOW, these are awesome! And we are still in love with our Atlas headcovers from Stymie Golf Supply! So many people have noticed and commented on our headcovers. They are totally attention-grabbing and are definitely a conversation piece.

We give the headcovers an 11 out of 10 for their coolness factor! After all, we think they are the most beautiful and coolest-looking headcovers in the world!

Coolest headcovers from Stymie Golf Supply
Coolest headcovers from Stymie Golf Supply

Price for Value

At US $45 for Driver, $40 for Fairway, and $35 for Hybrid, Putter, and a Valuables Bag, the value, in our opinion, is outstanding!

Considering the solid quality and durability of the items, we couldn’t be happier with them.

Our Opinion

Using that pattern for our headcovers was the right decision. And going to Max with the idea was even more so! If it’s time for you to up your golf game and get new headcovers, be sure to check out Stymie Golf Supply!

Where to next Stymie Golf Supply
Where to next Stymie Golf Supply

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