LussoVerde Golf

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LussoVerde Golf

One night we were looking into sustainable golf fashion when we came across the stylish golf gloves of LussoVerde. The striking design was the first thing that caught our attention. But we quickly learned that there was so much more to LussoVerde than that!

Leopard glove in reusable bag from LussoVerde
Leopard glove with a reusable bag from LussoVerde

LussoVerde Golf, an Australian company, creates travel-inspired golf gloves while doing their part for a better world.

LussoVerde translates from Italian into “Luxury-Green”, giving the company a meaningful name. “Luxury” for their awesome and high-quality gloves. And “Green” for the awareness of eco-friendly products and sustainability, and for golf greens!

Sounds great? We think so!

Grevys Zebra and Sahara Palm in reusable bags
Grevy’s Zebra and Sahara Palm in reusable bags

How does sustainability work in regard to golf gloves?

LussoVerde uses materials from recycled plastic bottles to produce a line of fashionable men’s and women’s golf gloves! Just imagine that- using recycled plastic and turning it into beautiful and colorful golf gloves!

LussoVerde Golf Glove Process
LussoVerde Golf Glove Process

Like so many of you, we have become much more conscious of what we purchase and try to shop and support eco-friendly companies and products. While traveling the world, we have realized how much plastic there truly is. Plastic is ending up in our oceans and polluting our environment. We have also seen first-hand the deadly threat that plastic is to animals!

So, when we found LussoVerde and read about their VERDE promise, we knew that we had found a perfect match. Their products, as well as their mission, sounded awesome to us!

The efforts that LussoVerde takes to produce their products while protecting our environment make us extremely proud to have them as our partners!

Organic and natural materials, of course, are always the best option for the environment. But, by taking plastics that may end up in the environment, and upcycling them into a new product, LussoVerde is able to remove plastics. This in turn reduces additional waste in our ecosystem!

What is the Verde promise?

From manufacturing to delivery, LussoVerde is committed to leaving as small of a footprint as possible in doing its part to help save the planet.

Their products are ethically made by partnering with ethical factories.

The product incorporates recycled materials.

The packaging is 100% plastic-free.

And the delivery of their product is 100% carbon neutral.

Verde Promise
Verde Promise

The LussoVerde Collection

We use the gloves, and they look great! We love the look of the gloves and find that they are such a refreshing and colorful break from boring black or white. But just as important, they feel great, and they provide a solid grip on our clubs.

Lets play
Let’s play golf!

Menekse decided on the “Leopard” and the “Malawi” glove. The “Leopard” glove just looks like Africa. When we think of Africa, a Leopard is one of the first things that come into our minds. The “Malawi” glove is themed after an African Cocktail.

Menekse's choice
Menekse’s choice

Tip: Try the Malawi Shandi on hot summer days. It is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. Perfect for after a round of golf.

The Malawi Shandi recipe


200ml of Sprite

200ml of Ginger Beer or Soda Water

Bitters (Alcohol-free)


Orange or Lemon slice

50ml Orange Juice


Fill glass with ice

Pour orange juice into the bottom

Add the Sprite and Ginger Beer/Soda water. Make sure it doesn’t disturb the orange juice in the bottom.

Sprinkle the Bitters on top making sure it remains only on the top

Garnish with your orange or lemon slice

Playing in my Malawi glove
Playing in my Malawi glove

Our Choices

James has the “Sahara Palm” as well as the “Grevy’s Zebra” glove. Both elegant, and more subtle. He looks two-under on the golf course with those awesome gloves!

Looking two under with the LussoVerde glove
Looking two under with the LussoVerde glove

There are 5 Women’s and 5 Men’s gloves in total in the collection, all of them inspired by Africa.

Our LussoVerde gloves
Our LussoVerde gloves




Ilala Palm



ARIA Leopard
ARIA Leopard


Sahara Palm


Grevy’s Zebra



ARIA Sahara Palm
ARIA Sahara Palm

Soft AAA Cabretta Leather for a superior grip

EcoVerde fabric reduces sweat in hot/humid climates

EcoVerde Fabric – Multi-directional stretch allows for natural movement

Full side print – Be Noticed

Playing in my Leopard glove
Playing in my Leopard glove

LussoVerde Lira – 24K Gold Plated Magnetic Reversible Ball Marker

Reversible Ball Marker
Reversible Ball Marker

Velcro closure tab

Good grip with the Grevys Zebra
Good grip with the Grevy’s Zebra

The EcoVerde material is created from recycled single-use plastic bottles!

Tip: The golf gloves stretch, so make sure you use the Golf Glove chart to find the best size for you!

The key difference between ARIA and ARIA II is the number of recycled materials used throughout the glove.


Recycled material is used on the cuff, through the fingers and wear points, and is used for the full backing of the hand for maximum comfort and breathability.


Recycled material is used on the cuff as well as through the fingers and wear points.


Looking good
Looking good

Make a statement! Get your LussoVerde golf glove today and save 20% off your first purchase with our code PATW20!

Go to:

Select your favorite gloves and add them to the cart. Go to “Check Out”.

Striking Design
Striking Design

You also have the option to plant a tree for a very small donation!

After planting a tree, continue and enter the discount code PATW20 and proceed.

LussoVerde ships worldwide in eco-friendly packaging made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch and cassava materials. And they arrive via 100% Carbon Neutral delivery!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We hope that you will love your new and beautiful glove as much as we do!

Play well!

Yours in Golf and Travel,

Menekse and James

Yours in Golf
Yours in Golf and Travel



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