Rachel and Lucas from the Tudor Hotel

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Hello Rachel and Lucas,

Thank you for a fantastic stay in your hotel “The Tudor”. We loved everything about it, but especially your hospitality and professionalism.

While traveling we are fortunate to meet awesome and interesting people, just like you two. And we would like to ask you some questions to introduce you to our readers and fellow travellers.

The interview

PATW: “How and where did you meet?”

Lucas: “I returned her lost phone from a restaurant in Canberra, Australia.”

PATW:”What was your professions prior to “The Tudor”?”

Lucas: “I was an engineer and Rachel was a vet.”

PATW: “Was owning a hotel a dream of yours?”

Lucas: “Yes and no, I can’t say it is my dream but I definitely enjoy running a hotel.

Meeting new people from all over the world, some still stay close to us and we feel very honoured about that.”

PATW: “The style of the hotel is quite unique for Malaysia. Where did your inspiration come from?”

Lucas: “Rachel was the inspiration and she loves cottage style but she has limited knowledge in that, but we made that happen together. She was mainly responsible for the soft touch of the property and I was on the structural and layout. The outcome represents the combination of us both.”

PATW: ”What are your future plans?”

Lucas: “We are now in the process of setting up a café area at the top floor to provide a better experience for our guests, that include a kitchen (coming soon) , breakfast (coming soon), pool table and board games (done), TV set (done),  laundry (done).”

For the future plan, it is mainly to maintain our standard and looking for gap for improvement for now, and perhaps open another hotel if capital is permitted.”

Thank you, Rachel and Lucas, for taking your time for this interview.

We wish you all the best, good guests and memorable moments.

very British indeed, Rachel and Lucas, The Tudor
very British indeed, The Tudor

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