The Tudor Hotel Review

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The Tudor Hotel Review

Very British indeed

Main Lobby
Main Lobby

When I search for hotels, I like to look for extraordinary stays. And sometimes we get lucky and find a good deal so we can stay in one of those great places.

This happened as we were looking for a hotel for our few days in Ipoh, Malaysia. At first, I was a little sceptical as the hotel style is not quite my style. But since I don’t only look for hotels for us and am always on the search for unique hotels for my clients, I didn’t hesitate and booked three nights at “The Tudor” for us.

We arrived late, but the hotel immediately made a good impression from the outside. And even though the reception was already closed, the on-duty security guard was informed of our arrival and was able to provide us with our room keys. Fast and uncomplicated.

The foyer, as well as the entire house, is truly amazing. The style is “very British indeed”, something you wouldn’t quite expect in Malaysia.

So lovely

The charm here lies in the detail. Whether it is the Knight in Armour that greets you when you walk up the curved staircase, or the beautiful chandelier which hangs down from the 5-metre-high (18 feet) ceiling. There is so much to explore. And almost everything you see in the foyer, you can buy. Certainly, interesting souvenirs from Malaysia ?


After being on the road for so long due to the traffic from the public holidays, we arrived pretty late and went up to our room (Deluxe Balcony Suite) rather than exploring more of the foyer.

Our generous room was lovely decorated. And, especially, it was clean! Something that is very important to me.

Everything was tip top and there is nothing to complain about. Later Lucas, the owner of “The Tudor“ who manages the house together with his wife Rachel, told us that they inspect each bedding and towel after receiving it back from the laundry, to ensure they are really clean! This is absolutely worth mentioning, right?!

Our room
Our room

Also, I would like to point out the little but lovely details. We loved the nice tiles which decorate the shower walls. But what we especially loved – and it might sound funny – was the cover of the shower drain! It is not a normal cover, but one that is perfectly fitted to the entire style of the house. This is true love for detail!

Meeting the hosts

After a comfortable first night, we met Rachel the next morning. And she welcomed us so warmly.

She provided us with so much helpful information and she also patiently answered all our questions. Such a great service! We felt very comfortable and welcomed and were happy to have chosen this hotel.

One of the recommendations
One of the recommendations

One of our thoughts we had before booking the hotel was: should we choose “The Tudor“, which looks awesome and unique, but is not centrally located. Or should we choose another hotel more in the city centre.

In the end, our decision was made because it just felt more right in our stomach. Away from the hustle of the city and surrounded by nature. Besides, we knew we could quickly be in the city centre via Grab and it is not so difficult or expensive to get around.

 And, as we left the hotel the first day to do some exploring in Ipoh, we had our next Wow-experience. The surroundings!

Surroundings of The Tudor
Surroundings of The Tudor

The Tudor is located away from the main street, nestled between nature and breath-taking views of the mountains. We didn’t see that the night before.

How it started

James and I had a very nice chat our second day with Rachel and Lucas. We were interested to hear more about the history of the hotel and all about the details.

Rachel and Lucas are from Malaysia and lived in Australia, but do not originally come from the tourism industry.  

Rachel was a Veterinarian and Lucas an Engineer. When they decided to move back to Malaysia to be closer to their families, they bought this house two years ago.  Originally the house was built in 1980 by an Indian pilot for his family. It took Rachel and Lucas about a year to renovate it into a hotel and the results can be seen! A jewel, hidden in wonderful natural surroundings.

The name of the hotel comes from the style. Both Rachel and Lucas decided for a Tudor façade, which is why “Tudor Hotel” seemed logical. But to give it a little bit more polish, they named it “THE Tudor”.

We are amazed with how much devotion and love Rachel and Lucas run their business.

very British indeed
very British indeed


“The Tudor“ has 9 rooms in total, 3 of them are double rooms, and the others are family rooms.

The threewo double rooms, as well as the Duplex/attic rooms and one family room, are located on the first floor. The 2-bedroom family suites are located on the ground floor.

Parking is included. Upon check in, there is a 50 MYR deposit for the Auto gate reomote control, which is returned at check out.

In the foyer there is a water dispenser. We really love this because it helps reduce plastic waste and provides the guests with complimentary water. A win-win-situation.

All rooms have tv (unfortunately only one channel was in English), a hairdryer, a safe deposit box, a kettle and a mini fridge. You also have coffe (3-in-1) and tea. And Wifi.

The view from the first floor to the lobby
The view from the first floor to the lobby

Some things to Mention:

Thin walls.

The bathroom doors squeak quite loudly, but the owners promised to fix that (we will check on that as we are planning to stay another couple days there).

There is no outdoor furniture on the balconies.

The internet is very slow, and not fast enough if you must work. (Rachel and Lucas explained that this has to do with the region and they continue to attempt to get faster internet.)

The Entrance
The Entrance



Heartiness of the hosts

Uniqueness of the hotel


Water dispenser

Hotel design

Very nice rooms with love for the detail

Air conditioner is not right above the bed

Clean white beddings

Crisp and clean bath towels

Good value for the money

Comfortable beds
Comfortable beds

That’s why:

8,5 Globes on a Tee for The Tudor
8,5 Globes on a Tee for The Tudor

8,5 Globes on a Tee out of 10 for The Tudor which stands out because of its hearty hosts, its cleanliness and its uniqueness.


We heard that on the top floor a pool table, board games, table football, darts and potentially a self-catered kitchenette and BBQ area will be added.

Awesome for families.

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