Sumatra – A Reflection

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Sumatra – A Reflection

We are sorry that it has been quiet here for a long time. But, thanks to the misfortune with our credit card, we have finally had some time to write a few words about Sumatra.

Our month in Sumatra is now almost over and it’s time that we look back.

Of the dozens of places that we wanted to see, we unfortunately only made it to three: Medan, Bukit Lawang, and Lake Toba.

And so, we ask each other, “Was this a lost month?”

Kind of. But, then again, kind of not.

After all, how can time spent traveling anywhere in the world be lost? It can’t. But we weren’t really traveling around how we liked to. We were often in the same place.

So, did we feel like our time in Sumatra was lost? Maybe in a few weeks, we might say that it was lost. And that two weeks would have been enough.

Right now, we’re happy that we finally have found some time to work on our website. And, that we were able to enjoy what we saw on the island in a relaxed way.

In addition, we are now completely rested for our next destination, Malaysia, where we hope to get back to our style of travel again. And where we will get our new credit card! The infrastructure there is better. And traveling around is also cheaper.

Lost Time?

Sumatra – in retrospect, despite our troubles, we still liked it.

We imagined playing more golf than we did and are disappointed that we didn’t.

The weather did not cooperate much with us, especially in Medan. But no one can do anything about it.

But one of our dreams came true when we saw wild orangutans!

We also swam in a volcanic lake. We enjoyed nature to the fullest while at Lake Toba. Not to mention, the coffee shop visits in Sumatra!

So, again. Was our time lost? Maybe. A little bit. But somehow not.

Sometimes plans turn out differently than you think. We are glad that we experienced the things that we were able to do. And even though we’re torn back and forth about our time, we still feel Sumatra was worth it.

Or what do you think?

At Work in Sumatra
a Reflection
At Work in Sumatra

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